® VengenCE Server - Information
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Author:  Harbinge® [ Fri May 03, 2013 9:09 am ]
Post subject:  ® VengenCE Server - Information

® VengenCE Server - Information

To give other Servers a run for their money this is an Official US Hosted Realworld Guild Server. :twisted:

® VegenCE 24/7 - RealworldCE.com Server
Address IP: halosrv1.youroldgames.com
Server Port: 2322


® VengenCE Server is Hosted on V1.10 and relies on Players having HAC 2 installed to join. It incorporates the most popular Stock Maps form both ® Classicworld and ® Dreamworld Servers. Whoever said an Old Git can't learn new Tricks eh. ;)

Urban Dictionary wrote:
1. Vengence

verb. Justifiable force against one group violently discriminating against another group. A form of retaliation. An answering action to an act of aggression. Not to be confused with revenge or an act of vengeance. Vengence is specifically an act of violence in response to an act of violence.

® VengenCE Server: Where VengenCE Is ®eal

Enjoy. :P

All Realworld Guild ® Server Admins have authority on ® VegenCE Server.

® Realworld Guild: Steps Ahead Of The Game :cool-down:

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