README: Realworld Guild Custom Map Servers
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Author:  Harbinge┬« [ Tue May 04, 2010 3:40 pm ]
Post subject:  README: Realworld Guild Custom Map Servers

Realworld Guild Custom Map Servers

Realworld Guild Hosts many Quality Well Managed V1.09 Custom Map Servers with many different Custom Maps, (offering the versatility that is Halo CE compared to Halo) but no matter how well run a Server is, an EMPTY Server is still an EMPTY Server, and a Server without Players becomes a Pointless Server. Hopefully, it's not the Quantity as they say, it's the Quality, but one thing is for certain:

Realworld Guild Hosts Full 16 Slot Public Servers 24/7 Free of Charge, (for any one to Join) and in return all that is expected is for Players to use the Servers in sufficient numbers to make Games enjoyable. There literally are Hundreds of Players who have Downloaded the Custom Map Packs, and who want to Play these wonderful Custom Maps, but seeing an EMPTY Server or when only a few Players are joining a Custom Map Server, is a real disincentive.

We understand that it's almost impossible for any Server to be Full, (or even have Players) 100% of the Time, but there ARE Times when enough Players are available. A possible solution is for Players to know when it's the Best Times to Find Players on A Server, and it is because of this that we created a Best Times To Play Poll: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=873

We expect Members who regularly play on Realworld Server to keep this up to date, as it's a Tool for you to use. :P

However this is out of OUR Hands and is in YOUR Hands as Players. Whether or not Realworld Guild continues to Host Servers depends on what you want.

Commonly Sub V1.09 Servers Host, (90% Minimum) Stock Maps plus a limited range of Custom Maps, (often Hugeass, Coldsnap, Extinction etc.) and in addition the majority of Sub V1.09 Servers are not well run; often full of 10 Year Old Noobs intent on Team Killing each other, plus Aimbotters and Cheats.

In addition to Hosting v1.09 Servers, Realworld Guild also Hosts some Sub v1.09 Classic Map Servers so Players can experience well run Stock Maps Servers, but Realworld Guild WILL NOT Host EMPTY Stock Map Servers indefinitely.

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