® §ñíPÈR TRîÞ Server - Information
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Author:  Harbinge® [ Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:52 pm ]
Post subject:  ® §ñíPÈR TRîÞ Server - Information

® §ñíPÈR TRîÞ Server - Information

® §ñíPÈR TRîÞ 24/7 Server
Address IP: halosrv1.youroldgames.com
Server Port: 2308

Many of you good Peeps may have noticed, (and been playing in) the §ñíPÈR TRîÞ Server. Here's some info about the Server:
  • Official Server.
    Subject to the usual Realworld Guild Admin Policies on Banning, Kicking etc.
  • Semi Pro Server.
    Single Map: Sidewinder. Snipers only, Massive 100 Caps CTF and No Time Limit.
  • Extra Bonus Server.

If your after a "Noob" Game, don't whine about this Server being "Ass Pwning", "Too long" or "Too Many Caps", go to another Server instead. It's set up with Weapon & Vehicle options that appeal to Pro Players and without a Time Limit, (ideal for those Players just wishing to develop their Sniping Skills) so you can stay for as long you wish, or even return later to the same Game. :P

§ñíPÈR TRîÞ is now running with the following set up: :)

  • Time Limit: Max 60 Minutes
  • Vehicles: Hogs only
  • CTF Caps: 5
  • Maps:
    • Sidewinder
    • Blood Gulch
    • Timberland
    • Ice Fields
    • Hang 'Em High


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