The ReALWoRLD Server
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Author:  Harbinge® [ Wed May 27, 2009 3:26 am ]
Post subject:  The ReALWoRLD Server

The 2MA Clan operated 3 Servers:

1). The Core Server
2). The Eternal Server
3). The Realworld Server

"2MA Ski" was the last 2MA custodian of these honourable Servers until, (as with all things) the 2MA Clan died and so with the demise of the 2MA Clan, so did their Servers. :(

However, out of the ashes arose a Phoenix, the "ReALWoRLD Reborn" Server, resurrected by "Harbinger", (as a mark of respect to the 2MA) operated from his own Computer at home, with the co-operation of "2MA Ski" who was generous to provide the Game Types and Map Cycle of the old 2MA Realworld Server.

All who then played on this "ReALWoRLD Reborn" Server could call themselves ®ealworlde®'s, the ®'s.

Simultaneously another fellow devotee of the old 2MA Realworld Server, "Dwight" experimented with a Hosted Server solution.

It soon became clear that this "ReALWoRLD" Child of the 2MA family had a will and mind of it's own. It became obvious that the "ReALWoRLD" Server could only stand on it's own and be a viable proposition if moved to a Hosted Solution.

Harbinger, Dwight & 2MA Ski formed an alliance, the "ReALWoRLD Reborn" Server was moved to a new Hosted Solution, (based in the Netherlands) and the Guild of ®ealworlde®'s was formed. :xD:

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