The 2MA, 2MA®, The ®'s and The Realworld Forum
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Author:  Harbinge® [ Wed May 27, 2009 1:17 pm ]
Post subject:  The 2MA, 2MA®, The ®'s and The Realworld Forum

The ReALWoRLD Guild pays respect to the 2MA Clan.

The Realworld Server was originally created by the 2MA Clan, together with their Core & Eternal Servers, the 2MA Clan Forum was Hosted here:


The 2MA Clan closed the doors on all their Servers in 2009 and the Servers were shut down, but the Realworld Server, (being a fine proud child of the 2MA) refused to just die and separated from the 2MA Family home to continue and survive on it's own and with the most valued and generous assistance from 2MA Ski, the doors of the 2MA Clan Forum were opened, the ®'s created and a special 2MA Clan Forum section created.

A new link was created:


2MA Clan members had the option to remain 2MA, adopt the ® becoming 2MA® or if they wished, just use ® as a tag.

Like a child which grows up and wants to strike independence, continually living in the Family Home became uncomfortable, wanting to spread wings and move beyond former boundaries the ReALWoRLD Server had to be unleashed and set free to evolve.

It was for this reason that the ReALDWoRLD Guild was formed to mark the separation from the home of the 2MA Clan and a new independent Forum created.

The ReALWoRLD Guild thanks the 2MA Clan and welcomes all 2MA Clan Members into the Halls of the new ®ealworlde®'s Guild Home.

Long Live the ReALWoRLD. 8)

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