TG Clan vs Realworld Guild Session
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Author:  mercedes [ Sun Sep 22, 2013 9:14 pm ]
Post subject:  TG Clan vs Realworld Guild Session

As a New TG Clan. we're inviting Realworld Guild to play a friendly custom map session with the New TG Clan. Since, inviting Realworld Guild to a scrim was considered as an attempt to divide players amongst different communities and it was considered that only those play "Scrim" who HATE each other, therefore, instead of Scrim, I'm cordially inviting you to a Custom map session on behalf of the New TG Clan

Playing Custom map sessions with other Halo CE Communities is very good for Halo. It'll enhance of playing custom maps and it'll show how important some greatly made custom maps are. After all, Halo CE is all about playing Custom maps and enjoying them, with a group of friendly players. But since, Scrim is regarded as playing a game with people whom you hate, therefore new TG Clan is willing to organize a Session of Custom maps with mixed teams. CTF only.

Playing together on Custom Maps will elongates the life of RWG and New TG Clan. as there are few Custom map enthusiasts out there and Realworld Guild and New TG Clan are few of them. It takes lots of effort to fully search, test and play a Custom map, the effort which is lacking now a days among different communities. To promote playing custom maps, different communities should start playing "Custom map Sessions" with each other. After all, Halo CE is the greatest on-line multi-player game ever, and It shouldn't go dead like it is currently now.

Problem with hosting servers on version 1.00 is that, most of the players on version 1.00 uses cheats, hacks of different form and most of them uses cracked Halo CE. So, it's impossible to host servers on version 1.00ce. One solution is to increase the Server Admin quantity frequenting the server. Moving servers to version 1.00 only hurts Halo CE and ultimately people loses interest in playing Halo CE. >:(

So, whatever, Please kindly accept New TG Clan's invitation of a Custom map session. it'll boost the Halo CE and will give a new life to Halo CE. It's not as if Realworld Guild can't host as many servers as they want to, but it's about providing quality game play to Custom map requests.

We hope you'll look into our request. Greetings.


Author:  Harbinge® [ Sun Sep 22, 2013 11:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan vs Realworld Guild Session

Players Scrimming together or Organising Sessions is what Halo CE is all about.

However Realworld Guild is not a Clan. Instead Realworld Guild is a Community made up of Players from many different Clans and from all sorts of other Communities, in fact Realworld Guild Members include many TG Clan Members.

The main problem with Realworld Guild vs "Some Clan" is that it's simply not possible to "Group" Realworld Guild Members into one cohesive identity to create a "Single Unit of Players who represent Realworld Guild", and this is the absolute reason why Realworld Guild "as an Entity" has never organised Sessions or Events against any other Clan or Community. Ever since Realworld Guild's inception it has always been completely outside the conditions of Realworld Guild Membership to be considered, (in any type of capacity) as a "Single Team of Players who can represent Realworld Guild". For example it's rather like saying, "Modacity vs TG Clan".

For most Realworld Guild Members it's very important that their own "Clan Identity" is completely unaffected through them belonging to Realworld Guild and is one of the main reasons why so many different Clan Members are permitted to join Realworld Guild Community without it affecting their own Clan Status. I.E. Individual Members do not and can not represent Realworld Guild as an Entity. You have to understand that Realworld Guild Community does not and never will be like a Clan, and it was never designed to function like a Clan.

So maybe now can you see the problem with suggesting TG Clan vs Realworld Guild?

Realworld Guild, "As an Entity", simply Hosts Public Servers for ALL Players to enjoy and provides an Open Community where any Player may join regardless of their own "Individual Clan Membership Status" and nothing more. Realworld Guild Hosts regular open Public Sessions, (Hosts Scrimworld Server for all Scrimmers regardless of their Clan Status) and Realworld Guild Community Members are unrestricted to play where ever they want, but individual Realworld Guild Members cant in themselves represent Realworld Guild as an Entity.

The concept of Realworld Guild vs some Clan X is nonsense.

Author:  sanni [ Mon Sep 23, 2013 10:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan vs Realworld Guild Session

It's meant to be playing with not against.

There is a group of people that play on Realworld Guild Servers and a group of people that play on TG Clan servers.

The idea is just to make a session with both groups together in one server.

Half of your post is completely irrelevant to this suggestion. For a person that posts essays every time you sure seem to have problems reading and understanding what other people say.

Every post you read you seems to check against one of your README topics and then just copy&paste what ever fits closest and use that as your answer.

Author:  Harbinge® [ Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan vs Realworld Guild Session

You've missed the point:

Realworld Guild has Members from many Clans and Communities, (including TG Clan) and it's IMPOSSIBLE for a Single Team, (or INDIVIDUAL Players) from Realworld Guild to represent playing AS Realworld Guild.

In terms of PLAYERS who are also Realworld Guild Community Members, then playing on other Servers has never been an issue, but these Players can only represent themselves and NOT represent Realworld Guild. You need to stop thinking with a Clan Mentality when considering how Realworld Guild operates.

There's nothing wrong with Realworld Guild Members wanting to play and populate ANY Server, and there's nothing in Realworld Guild Membership that discourages this. So if this Topic is really just about inviting Players who Play on Realworld Guild Servers to come and play on TG Clan Servers then this situation already exists, and vice versa. However it seems to be either trying to induce the creation of some kind of "Realworld Guild Side/Team" or request more Players to come populate and play on TG Clan Server, but if your simply saying, "Hey Members of Realworld Guild, come and play on TG Clan Servers with TG Players" then that's perfectly fine, and is why "Guild Members Servers & Services" Forum Section exists.

Once again I find myself being criticised and attacked for simply stating that Realworld Guild does not operate in the way that some Players want it to function.

Author:  mercedes [ Mon Sep 23, 2013 12:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan vs Realworld Guild Session

Changing subjects again.. jeez

Arent u tired yet bashing TG Clan in every reply? are u really serious? I cant even imagine a normal human being bashing someone STILL over a 1 YEAR OLD ISSUE. Man, you need to get a life instead of worrying about internet life.

Author:  Harbinge® [ Mon Sep 23, 2013 1:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan vs Realworld Guild Session

LOL what :!:

There's no TG Clan or any other Clan bashing going on here. Look at the Topic Title:

"TG Clan vs Realworld Guild Session"

My replies simply explain the position of Realworld Guild regarding being represented by a Realworld Guild Members "Team/Side". You might as well be saying, "TG Clan vs Google Users". Don't you understand what Realworld Guild is?

If anyone keeps on mentioning issues regarding TG Clan and Realworld Guild then it's not in anything I've posted here in this thread. Yet again more direct criticism of myself, now telling me to grow up and get a life. Already it's hard enough trying to keep a straight face when repeatedly finding new ways to explain the same basic facts:

It's been stated Realworld Guild Members are free to play where ever or with whoever they wish. Even the "Quote" used in your reply emphasises that it's perfectly fine for Realworld Guild Community Members to play elsewhere.

Sorry if Realworld Guild does not represent what you want it to be.

Author:  V1R5 [ Mon Sep 23, 2013 4:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan vs Realworld Guild Session

If you actually had read the topic you'll know that:
TG Clan is willing to organize a Session of Custom maps with mixed teams.

So basically there is not TG Clan vs Realworld Guild: It's TG Clan with Realworld Guild playing competitive sessions.

Yes of course the title says TG vs Realworld Guild, because even with mixed teams some TG Clan will play against some Realworld Guild Players and vice versa.

We're not asking Realworld Guild to make a team, a roster of anything else, we're asking you, (as Realworld Guild Admin Core) to gather players from this place in order to play with us.

Author:  Scythe ® [ Mon Sep 23, 2013 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan vs Realworld Guild Session

Harb's point is that Realworld Guild Admin Core can't recruit/force people to play against TG Clan in a competitive match with or without mixed teams because:

  1. Realworld Guild is not a clan and so Realworld Guild Admin Core has no authority to enforce anything except follow some basic rules in the Realworld Guild Servers.
  2. Realworld Guild Members may already be member of a clan, (let's say clan 1) and so recruiting Realworld Guild Members to play against the TG Clan may have an impact on these members: Fighting against TG Clan without permission of clan 1 may give TG Clan the impression that player A represents clan 1 in a fight against TG Clan, without permission.

One of Mercedes' point is: 'come play with us for the sake of increasing quality in CE'

Well using that same argument: why don't you come to us? :P There is a Homeworld Session this evening. :)

I can dissect each and everyone's post and provide a good discussion like what I did with Sanni's posts about No-Lead servers, but I can't be bothered any more because most people here don't read them and respond to them using the same quality level of discussion. Instead, they keep making use of fallacies.

What happened in the period when TG Clan and others left Realworld Guild is still not entirely clear to me, because I was busy with university. But since this is already history, don't replay it in this topic.

Author:  Harbinge® [ Mon Sep 23, 2013 4:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan vs Realworld Guild Session

Firstly it's not my position to organise any kind of Team - Realworld Guild isn't a Team.

However all interested Realworld Guild Community Members who are not already TG Clan Members can make some sort of a sign up list here to show their interest in playing against TG Clan, but they cant Officially Represent Realworld Guild in any sense, and if they can represent their own Clan or not is a matter between themselves and their own Clan Leaders.

Personally I have no preference where such a "Session" should take place. Either on a TG Clan Server, an Independent Member Server, (from anywhere) or on a Realworld Guild Server. Although in truth Realworld Guild already offers a choice of several different Custom Map Servers, (dependent on Numbers) with many available time slots which Players could use.

OR (alternatively):

Realworld Guild can create a Special Custom Map Server, (just for the occasion) so Players from Realworld Guild Community and Exclusive TG Clan Members can play together. The choice is entirely up to interested Players.

I only ever play for fun having no preference who wins. :P

Author:  V1R5 [ Mon Sep 23, 2013 4:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan vs Realworld Guild Session

- We're not asking you to recruit a team | we're asking you to gather Realworld Guild active Halo players
- We're not asking to play versus your gathered players | we're asking to play with your gathered players and ours
- We're not asking to play usual sessions | we're asking to play competitive sessions in order to improve both your and our game play
- We do not want to discuss what Realworld guild is and what it's not | we want to know if you Realworld Guild people want to play competitive session (so the reply is yes or no)

Please, don't waste your time pointing out why you do not want to play or why we shouldn't even ask it

As for the question "why you don't come play with us" the answer is "because we want to play competitive games"

And once again, this topic is not for Harb alone (I know he consider himself god in this place but we're not asking him to recruit a team) it's meant for everyone who's willing to play competitive sessions and it was meant for Harb (as Admin Core... I mean, god, of this place) because we thought he was able and willing to do what we asked, we were wrong, we apologize for mistaking Harb as a figure of leadership in the place where he proclaims himself as "CEO of a game server company".

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