Recommended Custom Maps/Game Types
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Author:  Wess [ Wed Mar 19, 2014 2:29 am ]
Post subject:  Recommended Custom Maps/Game Types

OK, so I am wondering on this event for my Clan.

I want about an hour of game-play on custom maps with custom game types, admins controlling player speed, god mode, etc.

Have you any ideas for the maps or game types involved? I am not familiar enough with custom maps to make this decision.

Author:  Harbinge® [ Wed Mar 19, 2014 9:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Recommended Custom Maps/Game Types

Firstly allow Double the Time for Game Play (a good event often lasts much longer than anticipated) I.E. Plan 2 Hours Maps for a 1 Hour event. So this means @ 15 minutes average per Map (Default 20 Minutes Time Limit) ~ 8 Custom Maps over 2 Hours.

Next decide what Types of Games best suit the occasion:

Free For All, Team or a Mix. CTF, Team Slayer, Elimination, Oddball Types or perhaps even Race.

Now consider both the Minimum and Maximum Number of Players likely to be Playing on a Map and also how many Player Slots are being used. Remember that Events are rarely Full for every Map although some Maps can be Full and some Maps can be just a couple of Players. Nothing helps remove Players faster than a Big Map with not enough Players or a Small Map with too many Players. However, Small Maps with just a few Players often will attract more Players to the server like Bees to the Honey Pot. Every Player always wants to find the perfect game. :mrgreen:

Once these basics have been decided, comes choosing the best Map for the situation and the correct Game Type the Map actually supports. An additional very important factor here also involves selecting the most appropriate Weapon and Vehicle Set. A great Map can be totally ruined by having one full of Overpowered Weapons (especially heavy weapons) and spawning Vehicles which make a game either too easy or too difficult to Win (like Tanks/Banshees etc.). For example:

No one normally enjoys 2/4 Player (Free For All) Slayer on Coldsnap. http://realworldce.com/maps/coldsnap/
Similarly trying to play Oddball with 16 Players on Huh What 3 would be ludicrous. http://realworldce.com/maps/huh-what-3/
Whilst Scorpians (Tanks) on Snowtorn Grove really pisses Players off despite the fact that it's a popular map. http://realworldce.com/maps/snowtorn-grove

This means that choosing the Recommended Custom Maps/Game Types for the occasion needs a "Framework" to begin with, and there are (literally) 100's of excellent Custom Maps to choose from. So before we can start suggesting well known tried and tested "Classic Custom Map" favourites like:

No Remorse http://realworldce.com/maps/no-remorse/
Training Day http://realworldce.com/maps/training-day

etc. etc.

or even start to consider what fabulous Game Types to "Hone" the event, we need to know more about the event planned. ;)

Author:  Lateksi ® [ Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Recommended Custom Maps/Game Types

If you have anywhere around 4-12 people those maps recommended by Harb are excellent. H2 Zanzibar, and Z Sanctuary are great Halo 2 remakes, the two belong to my favourite maps as well.

H2 Zanzibar Updated
[H2] Zanzibar

Z Sanctuary

I'll edit this later if I remember any more good maps the size of those.

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