TG Sonny (TG Clan Leader) Caught Aimbotting
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Author:  Crypt ® [ Sun Apr 06, 2014 2:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Sonny (TG Clan Leader) Caught Aimbotting

But you are all still chipping in to this 'dead' place. :xD:

Author:  mercedes [ Sun Apr 06, 2014 5:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Sonny (TG Clan Leader) Caught Aimbotting

I just cant stop laughing at Harb's posts now. Says he had no fake accounts on TG. :lmao:.

And virs you forgot, Realworld Guild was never meant to be a Community so it was your mistake to take it as a socializing forums. Realworld Guild forums are meant to provide important and useful information regarding Halo CE, Custom maps and how this game is to be played. It's about the 100 page Readme essays that Harb creates and then locks immediately so no one can post their opinions on it. :lmao:.

So yeah, all I see is that we all were on fault when we took Realworld Guild as a community.

Harb was, is and always will be on a correct side who cant do anything wrong to anyone.

Author:  Harbinge® [ Sun Apr 06, 2014 8:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Sonny (TG Clan Leader) Caught Aimbotting

It's true some Realworld Guild Members stated they prefer TG Forum (for Trolling maybe) although Realworld Guild Membership didn't drop, in fact its increased. However most of the SPAM and Trolling etc. Realworld Guild suffered ceased.

Realworld Guild tries to be a helpful and informative Halo CE Community for the enjoyment of all, but as with anything in life: You can please some of the people all of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the time.

Different Communities represent different things to different people but no one has ever been forced to be a Realworld Guild Member. Realworld Guild is sorry if it does not meet everyone's requirement, but Hey! That's why it's good to have choice of more than just a single community.

Once again brandished as being a liar. I've only ever had 2 Accounts at New TG Clan. One as Harbinge® which was Banned and then another Account called forerunner. I told sonny about this new account, and guess what, although this account didn't break any TG rules, it was immediately removed. After that I gave up trying. Anyway information about the various goings on at New TG Clan filtered back one way or another.

Sorry if TG Clan Guys thought that their community was so important (for myself) that I had to be a TG member. Wow. Wonder how many "innocent" TG Clan Members had their accounts removed because they suspected it was me. Geeez guys, was that Paranoia or what.

Author:  mercedes [ Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Sonny (TG Clan Leader) Caught Aimbotting

Harbinge® wrote:
Sorry if TG Clan Guys thought that their community was so important (for myself) that I had to be a TG member. Wow.

Says the guy who was spying TG clan 24/7, just to get an idea what is going on TG Clan. when he failed to do so, he brainwashed some TG members and keep getting all the info about what's going on in clan.

So yeah, saying that TG Clan isn't important to you Harb doesn't suit you at all, because your actions in the past have clearly contradicted these words of yours.

As always, what you say and what you do, have a massive contradiction in it. I can't even bother to argue with someone like you but you need your face to be shown in the mirror, what a big liar you have been. and what a stubborn you are who cant get over a 2 year old event. That huge contradiction in your words and actions are enough to prove yourself a big liar, but of course, everyone else in this world is liar, except you (according to your self-made philosophy)

if you think you can fool whole of the world, you're actually fooling yourself and living a dreamworld which doesn't even exists now.

You need to realize that Internet doesn't mean "Realworld Guild" and everyone has their own choice. No one can force anyone over the internet to act according to their desires. So making a fuss about Gamemaster that he brainwashed "all" of the "Realworld Guild Members" to leave Realworld Guild and join New TG Clan cannot be justified, as this is humanly not possible, neither you've any proof of it nor you've seen Gamemaster brainwashing your members to leave your forums. Your claims are false and you've no proof of it.

Rather than blaming Gamemaster, stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself, go-through your forum policies and you'll get much better answers that why "everyone was "forced" to leave Realworld Guild".

Author:  Harbinge® [ Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Sonny (TG Clan Leader) Caught Aimbotting

TG Clan certainly were never spied upon, but it's certainly true that an initial interest was taken in the "New Community" (as interest is also taken in many other Realworld Guild Member's Communities) mostly because Realworld Guild Community enjoys having members of many Clans and Communities.

However to Realworld Guild, TG Clan are simply another Halo Clan, one which (in my opinion) are just a shadow of what was once the (now long Defunct) TG "The Gathering" (Non Clan) Community. It's true that some original TG "The Gathering" Community Founders belong to TG Clan, but most did not want to be part of a Clan.

The original TG "The Gathering" never were a clan and of which I was also proud to be a Member.

Before New TG Clan was created, Realworld Guild Hosted TG "The Gathering Website" and Hosted (for free) TG "The Gathering" Server to keep it alive for Players and Realworld Guild Members. Once New TG became a Clan, Hosted a TG Clan Server (and created a New TG Clan Website) there was no longer any requirement for Realworld Guild to continue any operations on behalf of TG.

Realworld Guild continues to support Realworld Guild Members but can not directly support any Clan.

Now I am accused of massive contradictions (apparently which are enough in itself to prove me a liar). It is entirely up to those who believe contradictions are evident (none that I'm aware of) however if any contradictions are evident then they are purely unintentional, and everything that can be done to remove such contradictions will be done.

The Official Realworld Guild Dreamworld Server has remained fully operational and is as successful as ever, (a very popular server in fact) and was relocated to New York as part of the on-going Realworld Guild Server Relocation Program.

"Blaming Gamemaster". Not quite sure what that is supposed to mean. Gamemaster's Realworld Guild Server Adminship was revoked (for Admin Abuse) and Gamemaster was a Co-Founder of the New TG Clan, if that's what is meant.

Author:  mercedes [ Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Sonny (TG Clan Leader) Caught Aimbotting

People wanting to join TG or not, it's none of your business and you've no right to bitch so about it and keep bitching about it for 2 years that your members left you and joined us, TG Clan. If people don't want to remain TG, they'll leave it themselves rather than discussing their disliking for TG, with you, which hasn't happened so far. Rather same thing has happened to your Realworld Guild, not TG

TG being a clan or a community, doesn't even mean anything and is none of your business. Taking too much interest in other's matters sometimes can bring your own downfall, which has certainly happened in this case with Realworld Guild..

Saying that Gamemaster brainwashed sonny and other Realworld Guild members to leave Realworld, you're actually degrading yourself and proving your no authority, because Gamemaster was able to convince people (according to you) in such a short time, which you were never be able to do and still can't do, in soo many years. .:xD:

You speak so much about Server Adminship Abuse, what about Forum Admin Abuse you do everyday? Editing people's posts and completely changing their meaning, that's what you call good Adminship? This isn't a abuse? (I know you'll now write an essay now on Trolling or Spamming).. On one side, you post in your tons of Readme topics that Realworld Guild believes in freedom of expression, while on other hand, you have destroyed freedom of speech by yourself. Again, contradiction in what you says and what you do.

You can live in your fantasy world, create as many servers as possible (which will be empty ofc), do whatever you want, but what goes on TG has nothing to do with you. Whether it's members bots, uses wallhack or anything, you shouldn't worry about it at all and try to defame TG, bcoz none of your attempts are gonna work.

Also, for the sake of your mental health, try to spend few hours outside, mingle with "Real Life" people, go out on a walk with your "Real Life" friends. That'll help you massively to overcome a 2year old event which happened between Realworld Guild and TG (and was buried by TG long time ago, but you're still going on about it). It appears that Gamemaster has taken over your personality. :lmao:. Whether you eat, sleep, wakeup or do anything, all the time you remember is, Gamemaster event 2 years ago. :lmao:. and stop bitching about TG and it's popularity. people having fun time on forums with each other doesn't mean that they're trolling. Get over it and try to revive your own dead world.

Hope this helps. If not, try and consult a good psychiatrist

Author:  Harbinge® [ Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Sonny (TG Clan Leader) Caught Aimbotting

Realworld Guild Forum Moderation Rules are perfectly clear. If you don't like Realworld Guild Rules then don't Post here it's as simple as that, or accept that some Posts may get Moderated.

Please Note where this Topic Resides: Guild Members Servers & Services

This specific area of Realworld Guild includes subjects not directly connected to Realworld Guild but does include relevant subject matters and concerns which are directly connected to Realworld Guild Members.

Realworld Guild Members Posts/Replies are being answered here!

Author:  mercedes [ Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Sonny (TG Clan Leader) Caught Aimbotting

Harbinge® wrote:
Realworld Guild Forum Moderation Rules are perfectly clear. If you don't like Realworld Guild Rules then don't Post here its as simple as that or accept that some Posts may get Moderated.

Exactly the reason why "majority" of Realworld Guild members left this dead forum. Thanks for clarifying it yourself, that it was you who made members rq, not Gamemaster who brainwashed your members.

Seems like you didn't want to answer any of the questions asked in the previous posts, which reveals your true face. That's fine. It's clear to all now what type of guy you are.

And for your kind information, New TG Clan is not connected to Realworld Guild by any means. Old TG might have been, but old TG is history. So instead of living in past, live in present. Accept Realworld Guild's declination and TG's popularity. And stop your attempts to defame TG and it's members by posting such cheap topics. None are gonna work.

Author:  sonny [ Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Sonny (TG Clan Leader) Caught Aimbotting

Harbinge® wrote:
So (as requested) if you believe Gamemster was not lying can you please state exactly what evidence this was based on. Surely the reputation of New TG Clan is based on the fact that TG Gamemaster was truthful?

no1 gives a rats arse move on

Author:  Harbinge® [ Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Sonny (TG Clan Leader) Caught Aimbotting

It doesn't necessarily mean that whoever makes a Post here or who Plays on a Realworld Guild Server has to consider themselves to be a ®ealworld®, an "®" or whatever. (which incidentally is purely optional, apart from Active Realworld Guild Server Admins).

However (for example), if a TG Clan Member Posts in Realworld Guild Community then it automatically makes them a Realworld Guild Member. :doh:

Whoever Login here makes them a part Realworld Guild Community. TG members who Login here ARE connected to Realworld Guild Community. Anyone who doesn't wish to be connected with Realworld Guild Community should refrain from Login.

Realworld Guild Members are free to come and go.

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