Public Session Times
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Author:  Harbinge® [ Mon Dec 14, 2015 12:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Public Session Times

Public Session Times

It's well known that ® Realworld Server Sessions are held every Sunday, and ALWAYS commence at 20:00 UK time regardless of who can or who cannot attend, but recently TG Clan have been setting "their" session to start during the ® Realworld Server Session time.

I have no idea if this is deliberate, just plain ignorant, or what. :?

Of course every community has its "Core Players", and it's completely understandable that these players will all want to play together (especially during a privately held session), but let's face it, apart from these handful of "Core Players", every server's Public Session also now depend on other "Random Players" joining to increase Player Numbers.

So whilst every Community/Clan are fully entitled to hold a Public Session at whatever Day/Time they see fit, when there are 7 Days per week, isn't it a little unthinking to deliberately coincide a Public Session time with another community's Public Session?

Dividing Player Numbers across Custom Map Servers is NEVER good: It just Fragments Player Numbers, instead of helping Consolidate Player Numbers, which in turn leads to fewer players and with a diminished gaming experience for all.

All that is required is to at least consider other Public Sessions and what is best for ALL Players, rather than just what suits a couple of Individual Players. Over the years for example, I've been unable to attend many ® Realworld Server Public Sessions, but that has never prevented a Public Session from going ahead at the Set Time.

Experience has already overwhelmingly demonstrated that holding Public Sessions consistently at KNOWN Set Times produces Great Games and a Greater Numbers of Players regardless of who can or who cannot attend. Wouldn't it simply be better to have the GUTS to STAND UP to Individuals who try and Dictate Changes to Public Session Times by just saying to them, "If THEY can't make a set time then its THEIR hard luck", rather than running around like Headless Chickens trying to change everything to suit them.

No doubt others will have differing points of view, but Dividing Players for Selfish Reasons does not help either Players or inevitably the Game itself.

Author:  ÐTK-Atomis® [ Mon Dec 14, 2015 6:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Public Session Times

Hummmm, I understand your point of view Paul, and I share it.

I don't know if the TG clan did it deliberately, but I'm sure they don't care about us and our session lo .

Btw, I just want yo add something about Official Session, and sometimes, Admin who play on a different server during the session ^^.

I'm sure you know about what I speak, and especially Art too.


The "bad" Primary Martian Admin. :xD:

Author:  acbluflame [ Mon Dec 14, 2015 7:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Public Session Times

Pretty sure they have been hosting their game nights on Friday/Saturday nights at 9pm because it's a time people can make, and not because they even considered Realworld session times. Let's not our tin-foil hats and make this a conspiracy. Think it was Sunday night this weekend because a few couldn't make the Saturday night.

Unless others have more information, I think we're looking too much into this.

Author:  sanni [ Mon Dec 14, 2015 8:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Public Session Times

Well it was like this:
«TG»Sonny wrote:
Can't do Sat.

Matt wrote:
I cannot do it on Friday night mens. Sunday could work if ya'll want to do it then?

«TG»Sonny wrote:
I can do Sunday but is that the day ®RW have a session?

«TG»®ªzer™ wrote:
® Realworld Guild have their Official Sessions on Sundays, so it is inappropriate to have our TG Custom Session on the same day as ® Realworld Guild.

Matt wrote:
The session will occur on Sunday.
It doesn't matter that we have our sessions on Sunday and they have their sessions on Sunday as well. The bottom line is that we are two separate entities, and I don't give a fuck about them anyway... there is no reason at all to NOT have sessions on the same day.
Besides, it's not like we're putting our sessions on Sunday on purpose. It's simply due to time constraints.

So yeah, it just wasn't possible this week to do the session on Friday or Saturday. But usually we try not to interfere with other clans session times. After all we Halo Players are just one big family that needs to watch each others backs.

Author:  iNTERFACE [ Mon Dec 14, 2015 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Public Session Times

Your session day/time had no bearing on our decision at all, I'm not sure what gave you that idea. We just try to choose the day that is best for everybody. In the past it was Fridays, more recently Saturdays and occasionally Sundays (I don't think this was the first time). Another clan runs sessions at the same time as ours too (on Saturdays) and it hasn't caused any problems at all. In fact I don't think anyone even realised lol. Surely there's enough players to go around.

Author:  Harbinge® [ Tue Dec 15, 2015 1:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Public Session Times

It's cool that both «TG»Sonny and «TG»®ªzer™ gave at least a consideration to ® Realworld Server Session times, and that as sanni says, "we ALL are Halo Players". :thumbs:

However it's unsurprising that Matt only cares about himself. Of course Matt doesn't need to (or even should care about anything that ® Realworld Guild does) but why should one Player who is unable to attend a Session (for one week) expect that everyone else then change the time simply for them?

Regarding ® Realworld Guild Primary (Blue) Admin Status:

When Players are also ® Realworld Guild Primary Servers Admins though, it IS expected that they prioritise attending ® Realworld Guild Custom Map Sessions over playing on other servers at the same time, otherwise what's the point of them being a Primary Server Admin?

It's a different matter when a Primary Server Admin simply can't attend an Official Session because they are unable to play at all.

This factor also applies to any community whose members share allegiance with other communities: Ideally those communities should at least respect any Official Duties their members may have elsewhere, and also take them into consideration when setting any Official Session.

This ® Primary Server Admin Policy DOES NOT apply to ® Realworld Guild Classic Map Server Admins, since ® Realworld Guild DOES NOT hold Official Classic Map Server Sessions.

For The Record

There is NO Administrative Skill Level Difference between a ® Realworld Guild Primary Sever Admin and a ® Realworld Guild Master Classic Server Admin. It's simply a matter of FOCUS:

  • A Primary Server Admin can Administrate ANY ® Realworld Guild Server
  • A Primary Server Admin supports playing Custom Maps and does their best to ensure that any ® Realworld Guild Official Session remains populated UNLESS they are unable to play Halo during a ® Realworld Guild Official Session Core Hours which always ARE between 20:00 - 22:00 UK Time
  • A Primary Server Admin Attendance on an ® Realworld Guild Official Session is NOT Compulsory UNLESS they ARE playing Halo during the time of an Official Session. This means that whenever possible they ARE expected to attend and remain on the Server for at least 50% (1 Hour) during the Core Session Time, which always lasts 2 Hours. This permits quite a large degree of flexibility on precisely the times they choose to attend an ® Realworld Guild Official Session
  • A Primary Server Admin MUST Display the ® Symbol in their Forum Name, and likewise with ALL Server Admins, MUST Display the ® Symbol in their In-Game Name when Actively Administrating ANY ® Server
  • A Primary Server Admin is more involved in ® Realworld Guild Admin Core discussions

If any ® Realworld Guild Primary Server Admin feels this Primary Server Admin Policy or Role is too rigid a requirement for their own Gaming needs, then they can simply become a Master Classic Server Admin instead, with no loss of respect for their Server Administration Skills.

A ® Realworld Guild Master Classic Server Admin is NOT required to attend any ® Realworld Guild Official Session even whilst playing on another Server, be it an ® Server or otherwise, nor are they required to Display the ® Symbol in their Forum Name. However their Administrative duties are limited solely to Admining ® Classic Map Servers, and they are not involved in advanced ® Realworld Guild Admin Core discussions.

Author:  msalerno® [ Tue Dec 15, 2015 3:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Public Session Times

It's always been my understanding that Primary Server Admins were expected to attend Official Sessions, except when RL got in the way. If you're playing Halo, and you're a Primary Server Admin, you should be in the Official Session. That's what I was told years ago, and even if I wasn't told that, it only makes sense to begin with.

Pat, I have no idea what you got so pissed off about when I went to your server to remind you all that it was an ® Realworld Server Official Session. I did not "come at you like a dog", and I didn't say anything bad.

Whatever your problem was that day, I really don't know, but I would not change a single thing I said. Anything I said was as one Primary Server Admin to another, and I was not acting in any official Realworld Guild capacity.

Author:  Harbinge® [ Tue Dec 15, 2015 3:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Public Session Times

Suddenly (within a few days) moving a Known (Published) Session (especially when it's KNOWN to clash with another Community Official Session Time) is not only awkward for Server Admins, it's also very confusing for many Players too. Surely if a Player can't attend a Regular Session Time, then they should just accept graciously that it will still go ahead, but without them. Is that really so hard to comprehend?

It's basically like sanni already said:
sanni wrote:
After all we Halo Players are just one big family that needs to watch each others backs.

So it's just about showing a little consideration to each others Known (Published) Sessions Times, along with Courtesy and Respect for their Server Admins, and for ensuring that all the Players who just want to play Halo with as many buddies as possible can do so, but in a timely manner. :yay:

Let's hope this Topic now helps set everything straight for Players and ALL Server Admins alike, no matter what Community they show their allegiance too. ;)

Author:  {L°E°}naj® [ Tue Dec 15, 2015 5:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Public Session Times

msalerno® wrote:
It's always been my understanding that Primary Server Admins were expected to attend Official Sessions, except when RL got in the way. If you're playing Halo, and you're a Primary Server Admin, you should be in the Official Session

I totally disagree with you - I try to play the Sessions but I don't like most of the maps and game types. It doesn't matter if I do a suggestion or not - even big maps where played till the end of game time even only less player are left - it wont change any.

As an Server Admin it's my job to hold server clean from betrayer, botter and people who insult- that's all.

@ TG I fkn dunno why you still play nolead even most of you have same ping - I was always against nolead but I tried a lot of times - nolead makes the games easier and so it's boring for me - dunno why inter still plays after the 5th HS in a row. Finally the lead no lead thing split the rest of the community - funny thing is, that most people playing on TG prefer lead.

Years ago to CB times no one cried about 167 ping lead.

Author:  Harbinge® [ Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Public Session Times

I'm at a bit of a loss here tbh Jan.

One of the reliable aspects of ALL existing ® Realworld Guild Custom Map Servers is that they carry a Fixed (Known) Map Cycle and provide a Game Flow that does not change. This UNIQUE feature has remained consistent ever since ® Realworld Server was created. Couple this with UNCHANGING ® Realworld Guild Official Session Times, and Players can 100% rely on them being available for play.

You're an excellent Server Admin, but the MAIN difference between being an ® Realworld Guild Master Classic Server Admin and being an ® Realworld Guild Primary Server Admin IS ONLY Administration OF THE ® Custom Map Servers (which really are only Active during Official Session Times anyway) so if you don't like most of the Custom Maps and don't like the Game Types on the Established ® Realworld Guild Custom Map Servers, then it's really hard to understand why you should even WANT to Admin these Servers. :?

On the other hand, you can Admin the Classic Maps Servers almost at any time you like, and never need to be concerned about HAVING to attend any ® Realworld Guild Official Session.

It's NO disgrace being an ® Realworld Guild Master Classic Server Admin, and is in fact just as an important, and a Damn MORE Active Role in terms of Server Administration.

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