TG Clan: Shame On You - Old Sad & Pathetic Tactics - Again
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Author:  Harbinge® [ Sun May 01, 2016 5:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan: Shame On You - Old Sad & Pathetic Tactics - Again

Regarding Players Banned from TG Forum...

TG clan supposedly being open, friendly and welcoming is another matter, therefore regardless of whatever TG clan say or do, that still remains their prerogative, and given the reasons WHY (new) TG clan was created it's hardly surprising that I was automatically Banned from TG clan forum too, but at least almost all TG clan members remain Realworld Guild Members. The way in which TG clan choose to operate is entirely their own business even if they are not what they purport themselves to be, still this Topic isn't about HOW TG clan choose to run TG clan membership. And let's be honest here, isn't this precisely how most clan's operate anyway: Through continually Vetting who can belong and who fits in etc with their own aims and values.

scottlendyard wrote:
Maybe try talking to these players you are so jealous of going to other servers... if indeed they don't play on your servers any more, maybe that says more about You/Realworld Guild/Your Servers than it does TG.

In fact, you're more than welcome to play with us on Saturdays mate!

Taking the word "YOU" here to mean myself, then personally I don't have any problem with wherever I choose to play Halo CE or with whom I play Halo CE with, provided those Players are just as courteous playing with me as they are playing with others.

However what I'm TRYING to make clear is that ® Realworld Guild ISN'T just myself: ® Realworld Guild is a Large Community; An Open Community comprising of whoever chooses to be a Realworld Guild Member. Similarly (ALL) ® Hosted Servers are ALSO ® Realworld Guild Members Hosted Servers which again, ARE Open Public Servers filled up with WHOEVER chooses to play on them, so I really AM talking to these Players, and especially AM talking to TG clan members included.

Furthermore, in precisely what way can I be jealous of ® Realworld Guild Members (TG clan members included) playing on other servers... and saying, "that says more about you" (I guess meaning myself) makes no sense at all, because otherwise YOU IS Realworld Guild and in many cases YOU are also TG clan too... so what does that say about TG? - This is a circular argument that completely MISSES the whole point of this Topic.

This Topic isn't about whose Servers are superior or which servers Players choose to play on, but it IS about the deliberate timings of their Game Play by SOME Players, and despite whether admitted to or not here, those Players DO carry an intentional agenda designed to maximise hurt against ® Realworld Guild born out of anger, hatred, resentment and spite.

Perhaps some just don't (or can't understand) that point... but what would be better perhaps, is if TG clan members address the reason WHY such Players choose to act that way... and actually seek to LOOK behind the Mask, but beware (as others have discovered to their cost) once the true face is revealed, life expectancy being a TG clan member wont last very long.

I hope it's agreed that Hatred and Resentment are ugly motives often masked through seemingly reasonable actions, because although it's possible to fool some people all of the time, but rest assured you cant fool ALL people ALL of the time.


Author:  scottlendyard [ Sun May 01, 2016 6:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan: Shame On You - Old Sad & Pathetic Tactics - Again


All I know is we have not done shite on sundays sessionwise for months. What players do on their own time after our saturdays session is their decisions. 8)

Author:  iNTERFACE [ Sun May 01, 2016 6:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan: Shame On You - Old Sad & Pathetic Tactics - Again

Okay, so I can no longer access this website without a VPN. I wonder why that could be? :roll:

Harbinge® wrote:
There's absolutely NO hostility coming from ® Realworld Guild towards TG clan whatsoever
I didn't say that though did I, you just want to make it about Realworld for some reason.

Harbinge® wrote:
As for creating hateful posts regarding TG clan - then please be specific - such as what and when... It's just simply not good enough to declare something as being a fact and then not provide any evidence.
I'm not sure why I would need to provide evidence when it's there in black and white for everybody to see (in this one thread alone). But fine, for my own amusement I will now quote some of your rude remarks and digs about TG and it's members from this thread. All 100% unprovoked btw (unless you hold grudges from years ago of course).

TG Clan: Shame On You - Old Sad & Pathetic Tactics - Again

Yet again we find TG clan holding MORE of their clan "Public" Sessions Deliberately timed to coincide with ® Realworld Server's ONE & ONLY Weekly European Hosted Public Session.

SHAME ON YOU GUYS - Seriously - SHAME & PITY ON YOU - It's Pathetic :ugly:

^Note: Surely you could have posed the question as to why we were playing at the same time as you rather than jumping to wild accusations off the bat.

at least TG Bun does still manage to maintain her entourage of boys en tow... and as they say... little things please little minds.

Obviously the true founders of TG "The Gathering" were more enlightened, but they have long since left the scene leaving only other (new) TG clan members who haven't the faintest notion of what such concepts represent. Instead they continue to follow the path created by "moronic" (new) TG clan founders such as TG Game and other EX (revoked for Server Admin Abuse) ® Realworld Guild Admins who planted seeds of hatred towards ® Realworld Guild through (new) TG clan. I really thought most other TG clan members had more sense to see though such subterfuge, but apparently not, and so just follow those "founding principles" like lost bleating mindless sheep.
^ Note: Implying that we lack intelligence and can't think for ourselves. Also calling some of our members moronic.

Both TG Phil and TG Cheeky (to name but a few magnificent old TG "The Gathering" members and Dear FRIENDS) would never have put their own selfish interests before the game they loved and honestly, I really wish I could still add a few more (new) TG clan member's names to that list, but such TG clan members have chosen their allegiance to their beloved (new) "TG clan"
^ Note: Accusing us of being selfish for playing a video game together. Sound logic.

It's just incredible how disgraced Realworld Guild Admins (for abuse) managed to create an empire based on resentment, that others still blindly continue to follow.
^ Note: Really dude?! An empire based on resentment. What a complete over exaggeration. Also again implying that our members can't think for themselves.

TG clan was created and the lies that it's founders told in order to mask their own disgraceful behaviour.
^ Note: Whether this is true or not, you're bringing up more ancient history to suit your agenda.

sanni for example, being one of the major culprits to always try and find ways around Forum Rules until finally he raged off like a spoilt child because he didn't get his own way... Oh dear, poor sanni who couldn't do exactly what HE wanted in this forum regardless of the Rules.
^ Note: You constantly harp on about how TG is a 'closed' community and how Realworld is so open and free and yet you seem to love to police and have all these rules. Just an observation.


Enjoy your session!

Author:  scottlendyard [ Sun May 01, 2016 7:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan: Shame On You - Old Sad & Pathetic Tactics - Again

There's a reason this place is dead and all the old players moved on to TG, and we are growing with more mexis joining us too!

It's because you ruined it Harbinger. Even Dwight told us this ages ago when he retired.

I have no problem burying the past, but the only person who can't is you. Bitter bitter.

Author:  Harbinge® [ Mon May 02, 2016 12:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan: Shame On You - Old Sad & Pathetic Tactics - Again

Who is bitter - it's certainly not me nor ® Realworld Guild, but instead the anger is directed against me... Without realising it, your last post speaks volumes... For a start it "claims" unfounded allegations as being true:

  • ® Realworld Guild isn't dead (the last Post even proves it's alive!) and ® Realworld Guild Servers remain some of the most popular servers in the history of Halo CE.
  • Many OLD Players are ® Realworld Guild Members.
  • ® Servers are FULL of Latino American Players happily playing along side Non Latin American Players.
  • Dwight and myself remain in regular contact, and he most certainly did not quit playing CE because of me; he simply got bored of playing the same game, but was in fact absolutely disgusted with the behaviour of (new) TG clan.
  • Unfortunately (unlike myself) some TG clan members just can't admit their Past.

No one has ever has been (or is) Banned from ® Realworld Guild Forum.
There is a difference between criticism and rudeness: Yes I AM strongly criticising (some) TG clan members behaviour (and obviously they don't like it) but I am NOT hateful.

Neither is this Topic concerned about HOW TG clan (or their forum) operates (or indeed even HOW ® Realworld Guild Forum is run) but it does raise the question WHY (for 2 consecrative weeks) many TG clan members "chose" to play on their server at a time which directly clashed with ® Realworld Server Session.

From some of the replies given we could simply accept it was only coincidental. And to be fair it did not occur again this week, although that could just as easily be attributed to those same Players not being able to play this time around for some reason or another. However, since TG Bun is not Banned from ® Realworld Guild Forum, but instead chooses not to provide any explanation here, this can only lead to further speculation that SHE holds hostility towards ® Realworld Guild, especially since TG Bun declared she wouldn't ever play on ® Servers again.

Also saying it's because (somehow) I ruined it - ruined what exactly - ® Realworld Server is exactly the same as it was before (new) TG clan were founded. Therefore comments like that (and other personal attacks) emphasise that there ARE grudges being held!

Author:  scottlendyard [ Mon May 02, 2016 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan: Shame On You - Old Sad & Pathetic Tactics - Again

Mate, it was purely coincidental. What players do on any day apart from Saturday is up to them. If they play on Sundays they can play on Sundays... but Sundays are not a session date, only Saturdays are.

Keep in mind 500+ other players also play on Sundays on other servers that are also not Realworld Guild or TG clan servers LOL, I don't see you yelling at them. :xD:

Author:  Harbinge® [ Mon May 02, 2016 4:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan: Shame On You - Old Sad & Pathetic Tactics - Again

Again the point is completely missed!

European Hosted Servers are extremely rare now - and becoming as rare as finding Hen's Teeth. The Next rarity in terms of Halo CE is finding Non American/Non Latin American based, but ESPECIALLY European Players. So whilst TG clan Players enjoyed (well hopefully they did anyway) playing on a USA Hosted Server at the same time as (European Hosted) ® Realworld Server Official Session, and with a majority of European Players (several who were also ® Realworld Guild Primary Admins and other Realworld Guild Members) whether scheduled, deliberate or not, HOW is that really best SUPPORTING the game they LOVE. Perhaps it would not have been quite as sad IF they had been playing on a European Hosted TG clan Server instead.

Naturally TG Bun and anyone else who prefer not to play on ® Servers are completely free to choose wherever else they wish to play, but if YOU are also TG clan and a ® Realworld Guild Member (and who do not hold any grudge against ® Realworld Guild) then wouldn't it be better time spent playing supporting YOUR ® Realworld Guild (European Hosted) Server Official Session.

Therefore that's why: SHAME ON YOU - And becomes even more SAD when it's deliberate.

GUYS WAKE UP -> And Support playing on what's left of European Hosted Servers. By all means go host official sessions anywhere/any time you wish, but WHY clash the time when there is only ONE Officially European Hosted Session remaining: ® Realworld Server

Now do you get it?

Author:  scottlendyard [ Mon May 02, 2016 4:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan: Shame On You - Old Sad & Pathetic Tactics - Again

Eh I'd rather not play on Euro servers. They're empty.

Author:  Harbinge® [ Mon May 02, 2016 4:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan: Shame On You - Old Sad & Pathetic Tactics - Again

LOL OH WHAT - Man... :facepalm:

® Realworld Server Official Session is NEVER empty - in fact there ARE far MORE Players there than on TG clan server, but that still is NOT the point!

Perhaps someone else can explain it better... Finally I am lost for words. :o

Handy Word List Hint:

Fuck it... I give up.

Author:  iNTERFACE [ Mon May 02, 2016 5:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TG Clan: Shame On You - Old Sad & Pathetic Tactics - Again

Harbinge® wrote:
® Realworld Server Official Session is NEVER empty - in fact there ARE far MORE Players there than on TG clan server, but that still is NOT the point!
Then what is the point of this whole thread? If your server is active then you should be happy and leave us alone :?

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