Event Horizon Session #42 - Pass Bridge
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Author:  Harbinge® [ Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Event Horizon Session #42 - Pass Bridge

Event Horizon Session #42

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Session #42

Date: Monday, 11th June 2012
Time: 8.30pm - 9.30pm UK Time

Server: ® Event Horizon - RealworldCE.com

:download: Pass Bridge - Event Horizon Session #42 / 50.9 MB

Pass Bridge - http://realworldce.com/maps/maps/pass-bridge/ - http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=6353

Description: A Map based on a Halo 2 structure.



Author:  Harbinge® [ Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Event Horizon Session #42 - Pass Bridge

Thank you to all Players who attended Event Horizon Session #42. :thumbs:

Pass Bridge is a Medium Sized Halo 2 Style Style Map having 2 large Base Complexes situated either side of a shallow Canyon and offering Custom H2 Weapons. Regrettably there are issues with some weaponry, (especially the Rocket Launcher) because they do not effectively Kill as normal. However the H2 Custom Snipers are good enough, and Nades look quite spectacular when they explode. In fact Pass Bridge visually is an attractive Map being particularly colourful and artistically pleasing to look at.

Unfortunately most of the H2 Vehicles have many features disabled which is a shame. For example the Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft, more commonly identified as the Banshee is equipped with the normal Class-2 Plasma Cannon, (capable of firing in 100-250 kilowatts range) but is not equipped with the more powerful secondary Class-2 Projectile Launcher. The Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle, more commonly identified as the Ghost does not have the Turbo Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive usual on H2 versions, and the M274 Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicle, (abbreviated M274 ULATV) commonly known as the Mongoose does not have a Horn. The M808B Main Battle Tank, commonly known as the Scorpion is the only fully functional H2 Vehicle on the Map.

For good Game Play Pass Bridge is really only suitable for 12+ Players, (ideally 16) and achieving acceptable Game Play is completely dependant on Game Type. CTF, (and CTF Variants) is reasonable, but severely restricted by the sole Base entry point. Slayer, (and Slayer Variants) is more suitable, or Juggernaut, but note Juggernaut with Banshees enabled is hopeless because of the Upper Map Terrain.

Pass Bridge definitely fits in the category of "Acceptable" provided there are enough Players, and it's because of this requirement for so many Players that Hosting it becomes a problem. All the same, (despite having less than 12 Players for the majority of the event) it was an enjoyable Session that lasted over 90 Minutes. :xD:

Author:  Hijackmaste® [ Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Event Horizon Session #42 - Pass Bridge

I personally like the map. It's a good map, if you put CTF on it. Slayer and juggernaut doesn't go well in this map due to it's size. Juggernaut was a bit boring, only way to kill was with banshees and ghost ramming. lol.. CTF was great.

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