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Author:  Matt [ Thu Mar 17, 2011 9:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Team Points & Team INFO


1st- TeamTeam o_O (Qwerty) 28 Points
2nd- s® (Penguin) 23 Points
3rd- Team Ohno (Blackbird) 18 Points
4th- Team iDk- (Ghosty) 6 Points
5rd- Team SDM (Sean Aero) 3 Points
6th- Team Nub (Matt) 0 Points


Team s®
Captain: Penguin (dailydrugs)
Deputy: Bun (quadrophonic)
Players: Sanni, Kae0zz, Rz, Fusion
Already choosen maps so far: Timberland, Sidewinder
Points: 11

Team Ohno
Captain: Blackbird (blackbird987)
Deputy: Jeevo (jeevo10)
Players: Dutch_kill, Harbinger, Nitro/ugotowned, Prime, Hypnoz
Already choosen maps so far: Tempo, TLMP-Substation, Sidewinder, Blood Gulch

Team iDk-
Captain: Ghosty (typhoonl)
Deputy: Eagle (stefan8277)
Players: Jack, Kickass, Razer, Skilit, Topsi
Already choosen maps so far: Trainingday, Tempo
Points: 0

Team o_O
Captain: Qwerty (qwerty89fin)
Deputy: Hipsu (Hipsu)
Players: BLACKTAIL/DG RVB, Devoltiscool, Just Evil, Uriel
Already choosen maps so far: TLMP-Substation, Ratrace, trainingday
Points: 12

Team Nub
Captain: Matt (someone20090)
Deputy: Adam (0525116)
Players: Eli, Disc, Legas
Already choosen maps so far: Dangercanyon

Team SDM
Captain: Sean Aero (seanaero)
Deputy: Nox (n0x23)
Players: Rave, Tcheeta, TSfeak, Vaibhav, Gamemaster (Note this team has a few RESERVE players because quite a few of the members still wish to play but rarely log on)
Already choosen maps so far: Bloodgulch, Tempo
Points: 3

(The xfire names can be found in this topic: http://realworldce.com/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=1609)

Match schedule

Please use the Match Making Thread and xfire to discuss possible dates for your matches.

It's the duty of the captains to organize the matches.

Each match must be played within the given week. If the captains can't agree on a date/time the tournament admins will force both time & date. Most likely this will be Saturday/Sunday at the end of the week.
If one team can't get 3 or more players on that date & time they will lose the match and receive 0 points while the other team will be awarded 3. If both teams can't get 3 players both will lose and receive 0 Points for the ladder.

Week 1 (21th Feb - 27th Feb):
Team VS Team (Result)- ALL TEAMS DONE
SDM-s® (3:3) Bloodgulch - Timberland
Nub-ohno (0:6) Dangercanyon - Tempo
o_0-IDK(6:0) TLMP-Substation - Trainingday

Week 2 (14th March - 20th March):
Team VS Team (Result)- ALL TEAMS DONE
Nub-s® (0:6) Default win
o_0-SDM (6:0) Tempo - Ratrace
IDK-ohno (0:6) Tempo - TLMP-Substation

Week 3 (21th March - 27th March):
Team VS Team (Result)- ALL TEAMS DONE
o_0-s® (4:1) Bloodgulch - Sidewinder
IDK-Nub (6:0) Default Win
ohno-SDM (6:0) Sidewinder - Ratrace

Week 4 (28th March - 3th April):
Team VS Team (Result)- UNDER PROCESS
IDK-s® (6:0)Cliffhanger - Ratrace
ohno-o_0 (6:0) Blood Gulch - Trainingday
SDM-Nub (:)

Week 5 (4th April - 10th April):
Team VS Team (Result)
ohno-s® (0:6)Ratrace - Danger Canyon
Nub-o_0 (0:6)Sidewinder - Cliffhanger

Please post the result of your match in a new thread like this.

Team 1 VS Team 2
Team 1's Map: Mapname
[Screenshot of Result]
Team 2's Map: Mapname
[Screenshot of Result]

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