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Author:  Ki©k Ass ® [ Tue Apr 05, 2011 10:26 am ]
Post subject:  PM Times

Hey Everyone

Hope you're all enjoying the tournament. I have still not been able to play the tournament yet...I have no idea when the time is etc....
Ok...so I'm not gonna blame Ghosty here cause that just seems unfair, but I would like to know some quick way where I can find out the time and server password for the match every week. I'm quite busy at the moment and I haven't been playing as much online. So when I do want to join into the server It seems I have to Go through all the posts in this section to try and find the time as it always seems to change. Is there anyway that....
1- That people could have an automatic PM message sent out to the with the times...
2- Have an easier accesible post to see the times that is a locked...
3-Have the times somewhere on the main index page of realworld...

Are any of these Possible??
Kick Ass

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