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Author:  penguin [ Tue Apr 12, 2011 9:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Play-Offs

now its time for the Play Offs


1th vs 4th
2nd vs 3rd

Team o_O vs Team iDk-
Team s®· vs Team Ohno


Team A choose one map - Team B choose color
Team B choose the second map - Team A choose color

You need 2 winning maps
or 1 winning map + draw

Team A won first map
Team b won second map


Its time for Sudden Death
3rd, 4th ,... maps will be decided before the match from admins over the Forum. (the map1 and 2 are the last two in the list so you have to say your map 1 Day before the match is played on the Forum in the match thread)

The Team with the first Cap wins and goes to the Final
If you played on the 3rd Map a draw it goes on to the 4rd , .. and so on

The Maps:
We (Matt and me ) decides to make a special map pool
-Danger Cayon
-Blood Gulch

And the last thing, in the final or the small final ( about the 3rd Place ) you cant choose the Map from the half final.

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